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7 Ways to Get In Shape for the Summer May 8, 2018 | Modellist-ID ... when the sun comes up, and the beach starts calling.... Read more →
Jacco Kamp
Train those muscles – 15 minutes for a sixpack? Possible! June 2, 2017 | Jacco Kamp A sixpack is definitely part of being totally summer-ready. Sadly not everyone has enough time to spend a couple of hours a... Read more →
Are you ready for summer season
7 ways to get ready for bikini season April 7, 2017 | Modellist-ID You’ve been hiding out under sweaters all winter, and now it’s time to put yourself out there again. ... Read more →
Ready for summer workout! March 28, 2017 | Melissa Blaauwendraad The holidays are booked, the summer clothes are in the stores again and you feel that the time is ticking and the gym is... Read more →
Getting That Summer Body June 17, 2016 | Karishma Sehgal A few modifications to your daily routine and diet, and you can achieve your summer goals. READ MORE...... Read more →
Da Silva Mauro Sterre Claus Elite
Sterre Claus’ Model Exercises & Workout Tips: Tone that butt! March 16, 2016 | Sterre Claus Ever wonder how stunning model Sterre Claus tightens and tones her booty to perfection? Keep on reading!... Read more →
pole dancing
Pole Dancing with Sonja van Nieuwenhuizen March 3, 2016 | Sonja van Nieuwenhuizen Do you want to get strong and flexible? Then try pole dancing! ...... Read more →
STERRE CLAUS’ MODEL EXERCISES & WORKOUT TIPS: CROSS UPS WITH WEIGHT February 24, 2016 | Sterre Claus How to Work Out Like a Model? Follow along with fashion model Sterre Claus, who shows us a new exercise every Wednesday…... Read more →
Sterre Claus Model Workout Fitness
Sterre Claus’ Model Exercises & Workout Tips: Abs! February 10, 2016 | Sterre Claus Best Ab Exercises For Women!... Read more →
give it a fair chance
You should give it a fair chance! February 5, 2016 | Kevin Triguero It’s been almost three months since I started with Ashtanga yoga and exercise intensity has escalated from 3 sessions a... Read more →


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