Summer Dress Tips For Curvy Ladies

May 11, 2016 by Modellist-ID

Curvy ladies summer dress plus-size fashion

Plus-sized models are hitting the runways more and more, and this year already we’ve seen an increase in the amount of exposure and praise that these lovely ladies are getting.

If you are plus-sized, picking the right dresses this summer might feel like a difficult task for you. After all, with so many items of clothing designed with smaller girls in mind, what can a plus-sized lady wear whilst still feeling beautiful and confident in her own skin? The truth is, different types of clothing suit different body types better. Knowing which dresses are the perfect choice for you is key to looking amazing this summer, no matter what your clothing size.

Skater Dresses

These versatile dresses are the perfect choice for plus-sized ladies. With a floaty skirt, they’re perfect for covering up larger hips or tummies and giving you a more streamlined appearance. High-waist type skater dresses can often give the illusion of a smaller waist, accentuating your gorgeous curves in all the right places. If you have a large chest, opting for a skater dress with a V-neckline can help to balance out your appearance and show off your curvy silhouette in just the right way. You can get both casual or party skater dresses from the great range at

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are great in that they can look amazing on any body type. With so many different styles of maxi dress to choose from, it really doesn’t matter what size you are – there’ll always be at least one that suits you perfectly and makes you look amazing. When choosing a maxi dress, it’s good to keep your body shape, rather than size in mind to make sure that you pick a perfect fit. For example, if you’re apple shaped (carrying the most weight around your middle) you’ll look amazing in a maxi dress that is floaty and doesn’t cling tightly to your body. This can also be a great choice for ladies with hips wider than the rest of the body, as it can balance out your appearance. If you’re large-chested, opt for a scoop or V-necked dress, rather than a high-necked one. On the contrary, high-necked dresses can look amazing if you’re smaller up top.

Shift and Shirt Dresses

Shift dresses and shirt dresses have long been the go-to fashion item for plus-sized ladies. These comfortable, versatile and stylish dresses are right on trend for this summer, making them perfect for whatever you have planner for the warmer months. Available in a huge range of colours, patterns and styles, shirt dresses and shift dresses are perfect for both a day at the beach or a night on the town. Because they’re floaty without being too loose, they’re a great choice for plus-sized ladies as they perfectly cover up any bits you want to hide whilst still gracefully hugging your curves.

Plus-sized is beautiful, and by knowing how to dress perfectly for your body type you’ll be able to feel and look your absolute best this summer.

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