Stop the Aging Process with these 5 Tips

October 11, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Stop the Aging Process with these 5 Tips

People hardly ever dream about aging unless it is the kind of aging that involves living happily ever after with their significant other on a tropical island.

But if you are here reading this article, then you are probably wondering how to slow down aging. Let’s see what we can do to stop it or at least decrease its speed.

Use Sunscreen Daily
One reason your skin might be aging is that you’re not wearing sunscreen daily. Make sure you choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which will block both UVA and UVB rays. I am talking about sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above. In addition, if you choose something that contains Vitamin C or coffee berry, you can be double protected.

Remove your Makeup
Wearing makeup during the day is not a bad idea, but removing it at the end of the day is a must. I know it’s sometimes really hard to do anything after a long, busy day. But skipping the cleansing of your face will lead to aging and other skin issues. You can either use a cleanser to rinse your face before going to bed or you can simply keep a box of cleansing towelettes near your bed and wipe your face before you go to sleep.

Stop the Aging Process with these 5 Tips

Stick to Your Anti-Aging Products for Longer
Usually, people ditch anti-aging products too quickly when they don’t see results immediately. However, you need to understand that it usually takes some time before a product leads to visible results on your skin. So, for example, if you are using the best over the counter anti-aging cream, stick to it for a bit longer before you decide to switch to another one. If you bounce from product to product, you will get the impression that nothing works.

Usually, it is recommended that you give a new product at least a few weeks to make a change in your complexion. More precisely, you should use it and wait for improvements after around 6 weeks.

Decide What Products to Use
I know there are hundreds of skin care products you can use to stop your skin and body from aging. However, you need to decide which ones to use more often or how to combine them. Starting to use a moisturizer along with a toner and a night cream at the same time would not be the best option for your skin’s health. Neither will it protect you from aging.

Stop the Aging Process with these 5 Tips

Sleep Well
Sleeping well is good for the skin and it is good for your health in general. So, if you are eager to stay beautiful and young for a long time then make sure you get enough sleep. Insufficient rest can result in dark circles under your eyes. It will also affect your mood and your ability to work efficiently, which will cause even more stress and sleepless nights, and all of that takes a toll on your skin.

Bonus Tip
Taking care of your skin, using the right products, removing makeup before bed and getting enough sleep are all vital elements of your anti-aging program. However, if you keep stressing about aging, or more specifically about a wrinkle next to your eye, things won’t get better. Instead, try to live your life to the fullest. Make sure you surround yourself with the right people; do the job you love. Enjoy every moment of your life and have fun, and that will definitely make you look young and vibrant for years to come!

If the skin gets irritated, you will never know which product has caused it. So, try to stick to a minimal number of products. Test them for a while and see whether they work well on your skin. Only after you’ve done this can you move on to adding a few other products.

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