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August 29, 2016 by Dienke Rozendom

Dienke Rozendom Fashion Model STOX socks review

You thought socks were just ordinary pieces of clothing? Think again! I got to try the socks from STOX and I found out that socks really can be something new and can have some real health benefits!

STOX is a new and revolutionary brand, which has different kinds of socks and stockings. The socks are created in the middle of Amsterdam and the geniuses behind the brand were confronted daily with the chaos of the city and the speed of working life. They thought about a solution for this and literally started at the bottom: the feet. They used medical insights for the design of the socks. STOX promises to prevent a feeling of heavy and exhausted legs after a long day at work and sore muscles after working out. Well, they definitely got my attention after claiming this and I tested out several of their socks and stockings. I can tell you one thing: they didn’t let me down.

One type of their socks came exactly at the right time. The travel socks! I was lucky enough to go to Thailand for three weeks. During my flights I always have trouble sitting in the right position, and my legs mostly feel like they’ve just ran the marathon, even if I just had a short flight. For my eleven-hour flight to Thailand I tested out the travel socks. They’re really comfy and cover up the area of your legs up to the knees. Because of the Merino Wool, which is used in the socks, they cool your legs down during the summer time and warm them up in the winter. During the flight they kept my legs nicely warm against the fully blown air-conditioning. And another great thing: they don’t itch on your legs (thank God!). When I arrived in Bangkok, I took them off and my I could see that my blood circulation was really well and I didn’t have to deal with swollen ankles. Also my legs and feet didn’t feel as dry as usual. NICE! I decided to wear them again on my way back!

Dienke Rozendom STOX energy socks review

During my stay in Thailand I went for several runs in the morning. During these workouts I wore the Running Socks! I picked such fancy colors: purple and neon pink! The socks really kept my shins and feet cool during the run and my legs truly felt protected. I read about the shock absorbing effect, which decreases damages to the tissue of the muscles to a minimum. In the past I had suffered from several shin splints and what’s worse than feeling pain in your shins, calves or feet during your workout? What I also loved, was the fact that my legs were dry after my run, because of the moisture wicked fabric in the socks, which forces the sweat to the outside of the socks. On top of that; you look fabulous during your run with such happy colors!

Dienke Rozendom Fashion Model Review STOX socks

The third pair of socks I tried out were the medical pair of socks. Luckily I don’t have to deal with medical conditions like edema or varicose veins (yet), which these socks are especially designed for, but I loved to try them out anyway. I just wore them inside my house, from the morning until the evening. In the beginning, I thought: wow, they’re really, really tight. But after ten minutes of wearing them, I didn’t really feel them ‘’pressing’’ my legs anymore. What’s also really comfortable is the needless tow area! Yay! I’d totally recommend these to people who are suffering from medical conditions in their feet and legs. They’re way more fashionable than the skin-coloured ones you get offered by your medical doctor! On their website you can pick the right pressure class, depending on the severity of your complaints. What they brought me was an improvement in blood circulation and no more restless legs!

Stox dienke rozendom fashion model

The last type of STOX I tried out was the work pantyhose. They’re a bit hard to get on, but they’re tightly squeezing your legs. For me they had a bit of a lifting effect, which is great for the booty! They have the same temperature regulating effect as the travel socks: great for a hot night out. The compression optimizes the blood flow in your legs and provides maximum oxygen-capacity to the muscles. Originally they’re designed for work and standing professions. I can imagine that in such jobs, they’re very comfortable. I washed them for several times, and they still look fabulous!

Stox Fashion Model Dienke Rozendom

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