Say no to sugar, is that possible?

April 20, 2017 by Sharon Looijen

Say no to sugar Sharon loosen

What is sugar free to you? For me it means no ‘added’ sugars. A completely sugar free diet is almost impossible. Glucose is the most important fuel for our bodies and  the fuel for our brains. Is it advisable to avoid all kinds of sugars? No!

Fruit, vegetables and whole grains also contain sugars, but in a complex form with fibers.  These sugars make sure your bloodsugarlevel will not rise as quickly as refined sugars. The glucose of complex carbs is released slowly into the blood, causing a balanced blood sugar level.

Some people say fruit increases your bloodsugarlevel enormously, yes it can be but therfor choose whole fruits instead of fruit juices. The fibers of a piece of fruit will make your sugarlevel be-ing effected slowly.

RAW – Slim & Tone as a snack
A tasty snack I often make is a smoothie from two pieces of fruit, coconut water with a handful of ice cubes and two spoons Slim & Tone protein from Amazonia, mixed in a blender. The Raw ‘slim & tone’ powder is specially made to support your natural metabolism, while it also helps banish cravings. The combination of sprouted and fermented proteins, minerals, herbs and greens, makes it super healthy for your intestines and balances the bloodglucoselevel. It will increase your energylevel and helps to burn more calories. Ideal! Great as a sugarfree snack!

Delicious sugar free recipes can also be found on

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Sharon Looijen My name is Sharon Looyen (33 years old), my passion for food began when I was 18 years old. I was born with a malfunctioning kidney, so I had a lot of cystitis, kidney infections and always sat low in my energy. When I was 18 years old my kidney was removed. At that time my interest in nutrition has emerged. Now I have only one kidney which I want to take care off in the best possible way with my knowlegde of nutrition. After my operation my one kidney was not my only concern, I had a malfunctional gut caused by the antibiotics I took over the year to control my bladder/kidney inflammation. I din't know antibiotics are very harmful for your gut. Nobody told me about probiotics, taken by capsules or by nutrition. This information doctors often forget to give, as they know too little about healthy nutrition. I did not know either that the basis of good health is directly related to a healthy intestinal flora. After I got my degree as a natural nutritionist I went through with my graduation as a sports nutritionist. I will always continue to develop myself because I believe that nutrition is the foundation of good health. My goal is to guide people and inspire them, to share my knowledge and experience, so you are able to become the healthiest version with nutrition!



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