Rethink Your Drink

May 9, 2012 by Angela-willemse

Look at the picture above. One of the most well known soft drinks in the picture is Redbull. At least, if I have to believe what I see on the streets, at work, in public transport or wherever. I know girls that sip Redbull all day long, can after can. I wonder if they know a can of Redbull contains seven cubes of sugar. Seven! This means you’ll have to jog for half an hour at least to get rid of it’s calories. As you can imagine, the amount of sugar in Coca Cola is even worse: one can of CC contains ten sugar cubes. Pepsi Lemon is topping Coca Cola off and the one you definitely don’t want to take is Stewart’s Black Cherry, containing 12 sugar cubes per small bottle. Be aware of the fact that not only soft drinks, but also non-fresh juices contain a lot of added sugar.

Good alternatives for soft drinks are tea, sparkling water and almond- or soy milk.

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