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February 16, 2017 by Wilma Svirins

Healthy Bounty Photography: Wilma

Have you already tried the healthy chocolate coconut bars we talked a few weeks ago? For the lovers of bounty, Wilma has another delicious and healthy recipe for you!


-1 can of cold coconut milk (like this one <- click)

-200 g coconut flakes (like these <-click)

-3 tablespoons of sukrin (sweetening powder)

-200 g dark chocolate


We used regular “full fat” coconut milk which should be kept in the refrigerator at least an hour before using it since you later have to separate the “thick” part from the milk which by the cold gets concentrated from the “thin” milk and layers on top of the the can.

Start by heating up a deep pan in which you mix the “thick” coconut mass and the sukrin powder on a low heat. When its combined you pour in the “thin” coconut milk + 200g small coconut flakes. Stir until evenly combined. Then, pour it all into a small baking tray and push it down hard with a wet spoon (so it doesn’t stick). Put in to the fridge – by the time it cools you melt the chocolate by placing it in a big bowl over a pot with boiling hot water (a method called “water bath”). The last step is basically to pour the melted chocolate over the now hard coconut mass and then let it all rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour. Then you can use a knife to split it in to smaller pieces and eat them as energy bars. Yum!

My mother showed me this recipe and I love it since it’s both healthy, delicious and fulfilling. Try it yourself!

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