My Model Workout: Pilates

September 20, 2016 by Marianne Antuma

Pilates Marianne Antuma modeling model life workout

What does Pilates do for me?

The method of training makes Pilates a special method. It has the advantages of yoga (suppleness and concentration) with the benefits of strength training (strength and conditioning). Each lesson is a complete workout for my body. Pilates Zwolle always provides a unique lesson with new gadgets such as the MOTR and Bodhi Suspension System new in the Netherlands and from America, that distinguishes the studio but also my lesson. My exercises I do with concentration and control, I pay attention to my breathing, which increases the effect of the performance. Henriët corrects me so I can carry out the exercise with perfection in order to achieve maximum results. My body got a beautiful shape; my posture is erect and confident. This is important for my work, and a boost for my confidence. Pilates makes my body and my spirit strong! Try it out yourself; this form of physical activity has only advantages, an important part of my vitality!

Pilates Zwolle Marianne Antuma Model life posture

Pilates Marianne Antuma Zwolle

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