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March 2, 2017 by Sharon Looijen

Sharon Looyen Nutrition

Up to my 19th birthday I had to stay several times in the hospital by chronic cystitis/kidney infections and the intake of antibiotics was a big part of my life. After my mal-functioning kidney was removed and I was pain free after 18 years, my biggest challenge began; dealing with poor bowel function.

Not the most sexy topic to talk about, but my reality. Doctors often don’t tell how to feed yourself properly or what to eat to improve your intestinal flora. They have no idea or no time to advise. So I did my own research, I have done various educations to learn all about the power of nutrition and the effect on your intestinal flora.

Improve your gut flora
Your intestinal flora is related to 80% of your immune system, a large part of your energy level, your skin and hair condition, your general health and much more, such as fertility and digestion. During your pregnancy you are directly connected to your child and the only control you have is your lifestyle & nutrition intake to have a positive influence on your pregnancy, the rest is beyond your control.

Your child has in the womb a sterile intestinal flora. During a vaginal birth you give a part of your intestinal flora to your child. That happens initially through your own intestinal flora, skin touch and breastfeeding. It is therefore important during the final stage of your pregnancy to devote extra attention to your intestines.

A balanced diet during pregnancy
I believe that nutrition is the fundamental of the health of your child, if you eat conscious; you will give your baby the best possible start in the abdomen and during the birth. Nine months long you have to share your body and nutrition with your child. Everything that you eat also affects your child. That makes it extra important to choose products that not only support the growth of your baby, but also builds a strong immune system for the rest of his/hers life.

By now, I am 34 years old, I have a healthy daughter (Date of Birth 20-6-2016) and I have had a fantastic pregnancy, partly because I was able to adjust my nutrition to what I needed and supplied the right supplements to avoid the little problems, such as restless legs & obstipation

How can I help you?
Prepare your body in the best possible way for a pregnancy, if you are pregnant and want to eat all the right food to support your baby and yourself, if you would like to receive advise about the best supplements to take or if you need advise after your pregnancy, in order to feel energetic and healthy again. Contact me.

Sharon Looyen

Food expert & Orthomolecular nutrition & supplementation Advisor

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Sharon Looijen My name is Sharon Looyen (33 years old), my passion for food began when I was 18 years old. I was born with a malfunctioning kidney, so I had a lot of cystitis, kidney infections and always sat low in my energy. When I was 18 years old my kidney was removed. At that time my interest in nutrition has emerged. Now I have only one kidney which I want to take care off in the best possible way with my knowlegde of nutrition. After my operation my one kidney was not my only concern, I had a malfunctional gut caused by the antibiotics I took over the year to control my bladder/kidney inflammation. I din't know antibiotics are very harmful for your gut. Nobody told me about probiotics, taken by capsules or by nutrition. This information doctors often forget to give, as they know too little about healthy nutrition. I did not know either that the basis of good health is directly related to a healthy intestinal flora. After I got my degree as a natural nutritionist I went through with my graduation as a sports nutritionist. I will always continue to develop myself because I believe that nutrition is the foundation of good health. My goal is to guide people and inspire them, to share my knowledge and experience, so you are able to become the healthiest version with nutrition!



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