Must-haves for summer 2018!

May 23, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Summer is coming and it’s time to prepare for holidays, sunny nights, festivals, a good tan and lot of fun!

The best thing about the summer might be the summer holiday, which includes traveling, finally having time for your friends without stressing about that big exam or work and going on day trips with your family and enjoying the outside life during hot summer days. In short: chilling and doing whatever you want to do. Another great thing about the summer is having an excuse for spending your whole loan on cute dresses, bikinis, heels, sunglasses and so on and so on. The summer must-haves are endless and you ‘need’ it all!

To help you a little bit during your shopping days, we have some great brand tip for you in store. Looking for sexy? colorful? playful? Summerish and affordable? Then Zaful will be your new favorite brand this summer. We love the brand and want to show you some stunning things of their collection.

If you’re going for a sexy, look, here are some bikinis you should check out. They are available in different colors, so one for each day ;).


If you are more a bathing suit kind of a person, don’t worry. They didn’t forget about you. Zaful has many different ones in different styles and colors.

And by the way, how is your summer body going? Try to schedule every workout at the begin of the week, so you know exactly what your goals are and what you want to train. Of course, we all want that six-pack but don’t forget to work on your arms, shoulders, calves, too. Focussing on all your muscles will make the overall effect bigger and better. Your body will change and you will see that hard work pays off. Don’t give up, and if you haven’t started the summer body traject yet, don’t worry; it’s still May 😉

Another great thing from Zaful is that they sell some amazing sports clothes, that will motivate you for the gym by just wearing it. From hoodies to jackets, from yoga till running, Zaful has something in store for everyone. If you don’t believe me, check it out here.

So, after a good day at the beach, there is nothing better than going out for a nice dinner in the city, or near the sea. But what to wear. A cute jumpsuit, hotpants, dress of bodysuit? Check it here, because Zaful has it all.


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