A Model Recommends – Meeki

November 7, 2016 by Melody Vroom

Meeki review fashion model Melody Vroom

Last week I had the honour to receive the amazing fall/winter colours by nailpolish brand Meeki. This time they sent me a black one and a beautiful tone of red. My sister is addicted to painting and taking care of her nails, so she had already used the nail polishes before I could even try them 😉

The red colour looked great on her nails, and once again, it stays on forever and the nail polishes are vegan which are both a huge plus! These two colours in particular are great for Christmas or New Years, so you can match your nails to your sparkling outfit!

During the cold winter days it can be really nice to take some time for yourself: take a nice bath, listen to your favourite music playlist, paint your nails with your favourite Meeki colour and just relax.

You can join their ‘dream team’ and by doing that, they let you decide which colours should be introduced to their next collection. You can do this by clicking here: http://www.meeki.com/#!dreamteam/e50dm

Melody Vroom Model at Wilma Wakker, Why Not and The Hive.



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