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December 31, 2015 by Mandy Glasbergen


Summer bodies are made in the winter!





Are you ready for a new, clean start? Do you want to feel more energetic in 2016? Learning more about nutrition, lose a few kilos and curious about a healthy lifestyle? No excuses anymore!

I can help you as a personal Health Coach!

Introduction: one month personal coaching for €99!

Keep yourself aware of what you eat, do not wish for it but work for it !!




Frecious Mild Detox


“Give your body a health boost, it’s the best step towards a new lifestyle. “I received a Mild Detox Frecious Box from Between St. Nicholas and Christmas doing a detox, that’s a good idea between all the St.Nicholas chocolate and Christmas diners;)!And after Christmas I’m going on vacantion to Thailand so I’m fit and in shape as well! Frecious is the first and only in 100% only slow juice. Not cold pressed (hydraulic) but cold pressed using a screw press, which results into maximum body-cell absorption. The juices are not heated, so you keep all the good nutrients! This is really new in Holland. The juices are also very delicious to drink. Because there are also sweet ingredients added in all juices, such as apple.The advantage for me because I frequently travel is that I can take the juices with me and having a healthy lifestyle during travelling. Every day you drink 3 juices, 1 aloe vera shot, 1 gember shot and 1 lemon shot. Those are good to drink, only with the gember shot I used a little bit honey for a better taste.

The juice that I drink now for example:Good for the eyes’’ with Carrot.eyesIt contains 6 vegetables, herbs & fruits: carrot, pineapple, apple, lime, goji berries and ginger.It’s gluten and lactose free and biologicalThe bottle has a total of 78 caloriesCleaning and packed with essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals. One bottle equals one kilogram of fruit & vegetablesEverything that makes your body happy!All the juices have a function.When I went to the gym I took a bottle of ” Heart Beat ”.The Heartbeat is good for sports because it is full of beet juice. A powerful detoxifier and one of the richest dietary sources of substances that the supply of oxygen (hence energy!) And drain support waste. This allows you maximum energy through the day!– In Good for Eyes are ingredients that help to keep your eyes in good condition.They can give you advise if you have certain symptoms.


Besides the juices you can eat as well: but especially fruit & vegetables. You eat as much as possible pure and unprocessed food , and drinking water. And don’t forget to move! Go to the gym, running outside, swimming or something else.You will receive a meal plan for the week as well, so you know what you can eat and drink.You can also continue to follow this lifestyle after this treatment. Even if you only do the weekdays. It should be fun … and good things make life fun!

I often make myself healthy juices, but this is just a bit healthier and contain more nutrients. I was also in for something new!I don’t like it to take vitamin pills. Why should I when there is a natural and better alternativeDrinking these juices makes you ingest everything you need in a day.

I’m very excited, comfortable in my own skin and have plenty of energy, so I’m definitely going to repeat this! A few times per year doing a Detox for a healthy boost and for the other days I order some juices. Then 1 juice per day is enough.


Frecious Mild Detox Box:


Goal: mild cleansing with healthy dietEffect: restoring balance and extra energy

Who: beginners and / or if you want to make a step towards a healthier lifestyleYou will receive a meal plan for the weekDuration: 7 daysYou get this Detox Box fresh frozen delivered at home! Put the juices immediately in your freezer, so make some place and keep them fresh right away!The juices can be used for at least 6 months if you keep them in your freezer!detox100% FRESH, 100% HEALTHY, 100% HAPPINESSStart 2016 Healthy & Fresh with a Detox Box:



Floating at Floatcenter Haaglandenfloaten I’ve been to Floatcenter Haaglanden to float. Float Center Haaglanden is the first float and massage center in The Hague, with four luxury rooms to float and many forms of relaxation, wellness and recovery.Float Center makes it accessible to anyone who wants to perform, repair and as a priority health and vitality.This was a new experience for me!When I arrived, I received a paper with information and after a few minutes I went to the float room. It’s dark with beautiful lights so you can already get in the relaxation mood.First I took a shower and then I went in the room. Your diving in at more than 30 cm special salt water in a specially designed float cabin. You start with 10 minutes music and then 40 minutes floating in silence. No lighting, sound or other people.(You need to be careful with your eyes with the salt.) It felt like I was relaxing in the Dead Sea. The water temperature is the same to the body temperature, which makes you feel no difference between the portion of the water which the body touches or not. Because of thisthink” the brains that the body “floats’’. Every muscle in your body has the opportunity to relax completely.After the float session I took a shower and washed my hair with the lovely Rituals products. I’m feeling so relaxed after this session!1 Hour float represents approximately five hours of sleep! So I have enough energy for the rest of the day!



The effects of floating are unprecedented (and scientifically proven):


-Reduces the production of stress hormones

-Reduces stress and provides protection against stress

-Improves circulation in favor of all of your muscles and organs

-Fights fatigue and the effects of jet lag

-1 hour float represents approximately five hours of sleep!

-Improves concentration and creativity-Lit (chronic) pain as a result of, for example, migraine and rheumatism

-Promotes recovery after physical top (sports) performance

-Improves mental preparation (for example, exams, meetings, presentations)

So are you an athlete in mental preparation for a performance or in the recovery after exercise? Having stress or a burn-out? Or you just want to relaxed after a long working dayBook your float session now!:http://floatcenterhaaglanden.nlfloaten Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live inI wish everybody a good week!With lots of love,Mandy

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