Los Angeles, ‘the City Of Angels’ – By Fashion Model Eveline Besters

March 10, 2013 by Eveline Besters

Beginning of July, 2012, destination of the week: Los Angeles. LA, The City of Angels. Also for me this city turned out to be my City of Angels. After being in New York City for a few months I started to feel a little weird. I had to get out of there, out of that city, back to the roots of nature. Of course LA is also a big city, but definitely one with more space and one with loads of nature. I had to work for two clients in Los Angeles. Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Lucky me, in this way I could stay for a whole week!

My first day was an easy one. I had the opportunity to crash at the poolside of my hotel. Perfect, because the night before I had a night out and didn’t sleep because my flight was at 9am. Then it sounded like a good deal to me, now, I felt a little different about this deal. My mood was 90% positive. The day after I had my first working day. It was horrible. To make a long story short: the photographer had taken some drugs. That gave me such a strange feeling. I could never ever cope up with her energy level. How could I be threatened in a professional way if she wasn’t acting in such way? My mood got down to 65%. Next day I heard a big job I was about to do in New York got cancelled. Because of that my night of sleep would be five hours in an airplane. Of course I get it that this client wasn’t happy confirming a model with big marks under her eyes and a little stinky because she couldn’t take a shower. But hell men, what a disappointment… Especially for my wallet. Mood got down to 40%. For my second job in LA I had to shoot with real animals. A baby fox, a kangaroo, a zebra and a little kitten. Mood getting better! 60% glass half full! On the second day of the shoot we did a theme-shoot. Sounds fun, wasn’t fun. I got totally transformed to a vampire, to Katy Perry, to a witch and to a devil. See pictures. Yes, you can all laugh if you want to. And changing your make-up completely four times a day is not really something that makes your face less sensitive. Mood back at 40%. And I forget to tell about that I wanted to meet up with my old roomy from my modeling time in Seoul, South Korea, already since the whole week, as he is living in LA. But that just didn’t work out at all. Mood, 20%. Wowly, that’s low mate!

But, yes, but. There was my Angel! My personal Angel this week was the nature. At walking distance from my hotel you got the big Runyon Canyon Park. A huge park with mountains, where you could hike. Over viewing the Hollywood Hills, over viewing the famous ‘HOLLYWOOD-sign’. I actually found out about this park by coincidence, but whatsoever, it made me so happy! The higher I hiked, the more beautiful the view got. That fresh air, that energy you get from working out in the nature, that view, that sunset, that Hollywood-sign. Wow. No words. Only that my mood absolutely got up to 90% again! Yes.


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Eveline Besters Eveline Besters (25) did put her study Language- & Culture-studies at the University of Utrecht on hold for a little to live a life full of adventures. Too excited about many things she spends her days in different cities and countries while modelling, writing, studying Italian, jogging, riding her motorbike, acting, reading, capturing images, surfing, drinking coffees and going to festivals. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”



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