December 21, 2011 by Modellist-ID

London. Take Manhattan, borrow God’s hand to squash it down and spread out like a flouding pond, and the width and height of London will appear.

London, where every metro exit surprises your senses with another village feeling, yet put together still form a puzzle complete.

London, where people are polite and witty, almost distant like.

London, which made me see there are other places besides pure nature and NYC that won’t make me feel like the road I’m on is getting narrower as the weeks go by.

London, where I feel in bubbly flames, walking along an evening enlighted Thames.

Oh lovely London, where the rush of rushhour seduces people to pop into one of the many pubs for  a sigh of relaxation.

London, where they understand a combination of books, cafe, lunch and art is the future pearl for urban youngsters.

London, where I grin thinking about renting a car with girlfriends and roadtrip along the green, hilly countryside.

London, Where Chelsea girls and Essex girls are a different race. Where the person fits it’s postal code.

London, where I’m not supposed to say bathroom, but toilet. Or even better, loo.

Thanks London, till we meet again. 

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