Iron Up – Proper (m)eat In London

April 5, 2015 by Daphne velghe

I have always had a low iron level because the idea of eating red meat wasn’t really mouth watering to me. Veggies like watercress and spinach can help to balance out this shortage. However, a little piece of clean, pure and well prepared red meat can taste amazing. Time to reload your energy level in your body!

I was wandering around Covent Garden with some friends whilst looking for a cosy restaurant for a nice dinner. We stumbled on a little place called ‘The wild game & co.’. This easy dining place in Charlotte Street was exactly what we needed after a long day of castings while being hungry like lions.

The decoration is wild-life inspired with wooden tables, benches and reindeer trofees hanging on the wall. Think ‘cosy hide-out after a long walk in the wilderness’. The menu is to the point and concisely, muchly appreciated for those like me who can spend hours deciding. But honestly, you can’t possibly order anything wrong off the menu, everything is amazing. They have different kind of steaks, a ‘wild salad’ and splendid burgers. The homemade fries are outstanding (trust me, as a Belgian, this appraisal means a lot). To complement your dish, you can order small side dishes like salad and chips. I would recommend to do so as the portions aren’t massive. However, you can always save some room for homemade brownies, which are totally worth it! All dishes are served on an authentic wooden plate to match the style and feeling. The only dissapointment is the lack of license to serve any alcohol. But no panic, there is a splendid wine tasting bar a few meters down the road…

Bon appétit!

Address:65 Charlotte Street, W1 4PQ, London

Telephone number:0207 637 0510

Visit the Website:


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