Irish Pub In Spain

October 16, 2013 by Irene Lambers

Irish Pub Barcelona Irene Lambers

At the moment I am in Barcelona for work and happily my mom decided to come and visit me for the weekend!

We stayed at a hotel off La Rambla, so wherever we went, it seemed to be full of only tourists. Somehow, after 30 minutes of walking through all the beautifull tiny streets in the area, but fed up with not finding anything to our liking (we are more into local bars), we decided to choose the first bar we would pass. And boy, were we lucky.

We ended up in an Irish Pub in Spain, not really the way to go, but I really want to recommend this place.

I always like Irish Pubs, the vibe, just sitting there and having a beer. Added to that, in this pub they have live music every night. Not on a stage, but just someone on guitar, standing right in front of you, or walking around. Almost like a private concert.

The vibe is amazing, the people are very welcoming and the beer is tasty:

Rabbit Hole

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