Interview With Miss Earth And Author Of The Earth Diet- Liana Werner-Gray

September 6, 2013 by Modellist-ID

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

Liana Werner-Gray

Nationality: Australian

Profession: Author of the Earth Diet

Agencies: In between as I am now exclusive to promoting organic clothing and products. I am currently sourcing an up to date agency who will reflect this.

Milestones: Miss Earth Australia 2009 by People’s Choice, Best in Environmental Speech, signed Author by Hay House 2013

Current Location: New York

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

1. What or who inspired you to write ‘The Earth Diet’?

“The dream of being able to eat my favorite tasting foods that ALSO provided my body with nourishment inspired me to write the Earth Diet. I was addicted to eating junk foods and then starving myself for days until I would binge again. I did this for 5 years and it was tiring, it caused me a lot of pain, suffering and self-doubt. I wanted to create a lifestyle for myself where I could be consistently healthy and still be able to eat chocolate but not feel guilty about it.”

2. Could you tell us in short the main principles of the Earth Diet?

“Eat foods that earth just naturally provides! Eat real foods! Do not eat foods that are fast cheap or fake! We are what we eat. Eat more plant based foods. Eat more greens. Drink juice daily for cellular nutrition. Trust your inner wisdom and what your own body needs. Get plenty of nutrition daily. Choose organic, seasonal and local as much as possible. Growing your own foods is ultimate! If you want to eat desserts like chocolate make it with cacao, nut meal and maple syrup. Don’t eat refined sugar, dairy, soy, genetically modified organisms, processed foods, aspartame, chemicals or preservatives.”

3. What has been your biggest challenge throughout the process of writing the book and implementing the diet into your daily routine?

“Writing the Earth Diet book under the contract of Hay House, the world’s largest book publisher for self-empowerment products, is the biggest project I have ever done! At times I experienced pressure and self-doubt which was my biggest challenge. To combat this I ate hydrating foods like whole raw cucumbers, plenty of green juices, Earth Diet vegan and gluten free cookies and raw chocolate that is loaded with cacao and extremely high in antioxidants and magnesium to relax my mind and muscles!”

4. Which 5 foods would you recommended people to eat weekly?

“Cucumbers, oranges, lemons, beets, cacao.”

5. Are people allowed to cheat with food every once in a while?

“Yes if they want to. But we all know that eating junk foods makes us feel like junk, so if we want to feel junk we eat junk. I have learned there is a healthier alternative to everything. If we want to eat meat, we can choose organic. If we want ice cream, a vegan nut ice cream tastes just as good if not way better than processed ice cream! Healthier people are able to eat junk food and process it better so they can get away with it, but we really are what we eat! I prefer not to cheat! When I have the option of a decadent raw plant based dessert over a chemical laden sugar loaded candy, I choose the real food any day!”

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

Liana in NYC Photo credit: Dean Fogel

6. What noticeable changes will people start to feel or see directly when starting the Earth Diet?

“Most people lose excess weight and return to their natural body weight. People immediately feel more energy. People feel so free and create a new relationship with themselves and food! People don’t feel guilty or resentment to themselves, because they are not eating guilty foods! People feel better and heal all types of illnesses from cancer, psoriasis, acne, warts, diabetes, depression, thinning hair and more.  I have seen every health condition improve when using the Earth Diet recipes – which makes sense because when we add nutrition to our body everything improves.”

7. What is your daily beauty regime?

“I make my own skin care and make sure no chemicals go on my skin. I make a facial cleanser with essential oils like lavender or mint mixed with aloe vera. I make a facial scrub with sea salt and warm water.  My facial moisturizer is aloe vera or coconut oil. My body moisturizer is cacao butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe vera. I do these things daily, and then once per week I do a bentonite clay facial and body mask (or bath) to absorb toxins from my skin. Everything I put on my skin I can literally eat! I also take care of myself with nourishing thoughts and foods which is a big part of my daily beauty regime.”

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

Photo credit: Roxxe NYC Photography

8. What skin products do you use?

“I use products that have one ingredient, like straight up coconut oil, cacao butter or olive oil. I make my own using recipes on The Earth Diet website.”

9. How often do you workout and which sports would you recommend?

“I work out every day, but I only do exercise that I love. I go to the park and run or walk, I do yoga, I dance to my favorite music, I surf as often as I can and explore beaches. I walk around the city a lot, and walk in nature as much as I can. I stay active in everyday life. I also eat very healthy, which means I don’t have to do grueling workouts in gyms! I prefer to exercise outdoors and in nature where the sun is shining.”

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

10. The typical model lifestyle of constant travel, long hours doing castings and jobs takes its toll on the a models skin and energy level. Do you have any ‘quick fix’ tips?

“Yes quick fix tips;”

  1. JUICE JUICE JUICE! Juice daily whenever possible! There is becoming more juice bars all around the world and even in airports. And I mean fresh juice, beet juice, orange juice, apple juice. Or simply take a lemon and squeeze it into water for a quick alkalizing drink that is loaded in Vitamin C and boosts the immune system.
  2. Eat a cucumber.
  3. Drink bentonite clay that absorbs toxins from flying and feels so refreshing immediately.
  4. Breathe! If you don’t have any ingredients on you, this is one you can do anywhere. Find a quiet place and take 10 deep breaths, connect to yourself and meditate. When I do this it feels as if I have slept for hours!

11. What advice would you give to models struggling with their weight during their career?

“Eat real foods, and then you can eat more and not have to worry about purging as it is pure nourishment for the body. This is why I created the Earth Diet in the first place, so I could eat and not feel guilty about it! So I could eat chocolate and my favorite foods and not have to work hard to maintain a great body! If you drink a vegetable juice once per day in the morning, you will most likely feel fulfilled that you took care of yourself and got adequate nutrition. Eat raw living plant based foods and you will never struggle with your weight. I have not met one fat or slightly overweight raw vegan.”

12. What are your plans for the future?

“To continue traveling the world and promoting products I love and that are helping people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My true passion is in finding recipes for people to live their healthiest life, to heal their weight issues, or cancer, or depression, or acne. I will keep living my life the healthiest the best I can, while inspiring others they can do the same! It feels good when we live our dreams!”

Liana Werner-Gray The Earth Diet

Surfing. Photo credit: Noah Loin Rock’n’Raw Photos. Edited by Roxxe NYC Photography

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