Interview with photographer Laura Le Chatelier

November 20, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Laura le Chatelier

Laura le Chatelier is a very talented Dutch photographer. Read about her work, career and more!

Profession: Fashion & Portrait Photographer

Milestones: First commercial shoot

Current Location: The Netherlands

You are a successful photographer; can you tell us more about your profession. What kind of photos do you shoot?
I love fashion and portrait photography the most, but I also shoot landscape photography. You’ll not see a lot of the landscape photos on my Instagram, but I might start a new page with only landscape photographs soon. I really like simple esthetics and models with powerful, expressive looks and poses. I try to bring out the model from the background as much as possible, so she’ll be the center point of the photograph.
Laura le Chatelier photographer

What is the hardest skill to develop as a fashion photographer?
I’ve been photographing for 1,5 years now. I applied for art academy in the Netherlands and they decided to not include me in the program. I’m happy they did, as I booked a ticket to South Africa and started out my photography journey there. It has been the most wonderful experience and I learned so many things during my time there. The hardest skill to develop for me was creating my own signature style, which I’m still developing and was able to start developing in South Africa. The circumstances to photograph there were always good, so there were no excuses not to shoot. I love shooting outside and I’m not too big a fan of studio photography. My style is simple and colorful and I also love black and white shots.

Laura le Chatelier

Why did you decide to become a photographer?
I always loved the beauty and emotion of art, and photography has been one of my favorite forms of it. Especially fashion photography. I think it can be so powerful and intriguing. I also wanted to be able to create such beauty, and so I decided to go for it.

Are there any memorable images or shoots of 2017 you could share with us? What made that image or shoot special?
Yes, my latest shoot for G.H. Bass, which I shot in the Netherlands. My first shoot here. I was very nervous as I knew the lighting would be so different from South Africa and I really like harsh lighting, but I had to go for it of course. We choose a very sunny day, last minute. We planned everything only one day before the actual shoot! I had to arrange the whole team and check out the location in less than a day and it was all very exciting. The lighting was great for the first half of the day and in the afternoon it became very cloudy, which totally messed up the impulsive planning J. The photos turned out very nice, but I learned my first lesson of shooting in the Netherlands; the weather can change abruptly, so a good weather app and flexibility of shooting over multiple days is key.
Laura le Chatelier

What are the biggest challenges of working in fashion photography?
Well, let me start with that I love challenges! The bigger the challenge, the more excited I am. Currently, my biggest challenge is finding a good stylist to work with. I want to start shooting for commercial magazines as well and styling is key. Also finding the best hair and make-up artist is a challenge. Basically, the whole team needs to be the best and needs to fit together creatively in order to create the best photos. I must say, I believe that was my answer in our interview last year as well, hehe, seems like I didn’t overcome this challenge yet.

Do you have a favorite model to work with?
Yes! Jaimy Visscher from Elite Amsterdam is my favorite model to work with. She’s fun, very good at posing, has beautiful features, very easy going and relaxed and I always get 100% guaranteed good results. When I’m working with her, there is not a lot of direction I need to give, as she is a natural and knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s very assertive. You can see on my profile that I’m a huge fan of her. I’m trying to go for other models as well, but for some reason, I always go back to Jaimy. Don’t worry though, I really need to diversify my portfolio now as people start to wonder if I’m running a Jaimy Visscher fan page, haha. So to all you beautiful models out there, please DM me on Instagram!

If you could shoot anything/anyone/anywhere in the world – what/who/where would that be?
I really want to shoot in the desert of Namibia. And any other dessert for that matter. I love all the simple natural esthetics. Would love to do a shoot in the desert of Morocco with some beautiful models, some camels and beautiful high-end fashion styling – that would be a dream.

Which photo are you currently most proud of?
I love this photo of Janneke Scherpenhuyzen. Her poses are so high-end and expressive, I LOVE it. I’m a really huge fan of her.
I really want to shoot with her more often, but we are missing each other every time as she is traveling a lot. She’s actually a twin with her sister Maayke! Imagine that! I would also love to shoot with both of them.
Laura le Chatelier

Who are your favorite photographers?
I’m a big fan of Pierrot. He often makes such amazing use of the natural lighting; his photos are really captivating. I think his photos definitely deserve more audience, make sure to check him out! Further, I’m always a huge fan of Helmut Newton J

You’ve clearly worked with a wide range of models, what tips can you recommend to people looking to expand their portfolio?
Contact modeling agencies and models on Instagram. There are always models available looking to also expand their portfolio’s and willing to do TFP shoots.

Which posing tips you have for (aspiring) models?
Don’t be afraid to look bad! I really don’t care if something is not working out all the time. I’ll capture those milliseconds in between that look amazing. Some models know certain poses and facial expressions work for them, so they’ll stick to what they know. I love it when a model is not scared to go all out and try new things. The best photos are born from getting out of your comfort zone.

Laura le Chatelier

Where can we follow you?
You can find me mostly on Instagram, I’d love to see you there! Drop me a message when you’ve read the interview, I’d love to meet you.

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