Interview with model Adinda Denneman

July 31, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Very ‘dreamy’ Adinda Denneman tells us some facts you might not know about her and tells us about her favorite photoshoot!

Nationality:  Dutch

Agencies:      Touche Models Amsterdam, Notoys Düsseldorf, Nologo Milano, Flagmodels Brussels, Network Model Antwerp

Current location:    Netherlands

Tell us about your career as a model. How did you get started?
I started as a model when I was 16 years old. I actually never thought about modeling till some people told me to give it a try. So I sent some pictures to agencies and shortly after that I had my first mother agency in Amsterdam.

What is one of your favorite photographs from your career so far? Who shot it?
This photograph which I shot with Mike Steegmans pops out my thoughts first as one of my favorites. It’s dreamy and what I like as a dreamer.
Adinda Denneman Interview

What is your best model experience ever?
I hope the best is yet to come 🙂

What are the main challenges in modeling today?
The main challenges are still the sizes of the models. I still read a lot of stories of models and their experience with the designers. This is something many would never understand. I think it’s also quite a challenge to keep up your social media account. It became more and more important in this business. Sometimes I think that this social media thing nowadays gets us narcissistics, while this just got important for the fashion industry.

What do you enjoy most of your profession?
What I like the most is definitely to get to work with many different teams, different locations what makes every work day not the same at all. I always say I feel blessed I’m able to do this job.

How would you describe a model life?
Early call times, lots of fun, you need to be flexible, you have to like sport and take care of your body, lots of traveling, the opportunity to meet a lot of people, most models will learn how to be okay to be alone.
Adinda Denneman Interview Do you think models are able to find long lasting friendships within the industry today?
Of course! I’ve met Aileen Loquet 6 years ago and became good friends.

What is your big model dream?
Doing a Givenchy campaign.

What is your favorite thing to do when not working?
Enough things I like to do in my free time. I listen to music a lot, like to do sports and of course being with the ones I love. Oh, I should not forget to mention the beach..!

Take us through a typical day in the life of Adinda.
Currently, I’m studying to become an executive secretary and I’m 24/7 a mom. This makes me doing part-time modeling at the moment. I hope I will finish my study in the summer of 18′. Besides this, I have to make time to do sports and being with my loves.
Adinda Denneman interview How do you keep your body in good shape?
I do pilates and home workouts like Ballet Beautiful. It brought me back in shape after pregnancy in no time! I do watch my food but trying not to be too harsh on myself.

What’s your favorite place in the world?
Anywhere tropical.

Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet.
–                I’m a dreamer

–                I’m Indonesian/Dutch (ok, you can tell right.)

–                Very impulsive

–                Seeing me in a dress is very rare

–                Played volleyball

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?
I think Modellist-ID can reach a lot of models to read and learn about the experiences of other models. It’s also a great platform to read about health and beauty facts since this is a major part of modeling!

Where can we follow you?
You can follow me on Instagram: adindadenneman

Adinda Denneman interview


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