Interview with HNTM candidate Quincy Denzel Sedney

October 23, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Quincy Denzel Sedney

Looking at this handsome, it is no wonder why Quincy Denzel Sedney was a candidate this season of Hollands Next Top Model, check out all his experiences during the show.

AGE: 21

The Dutchies among us probably know already from Hollands Next Top Model, but can you introduce yourself a little bit?
My name is Quincy Denzel Sedney, I am 21 years old and I come from Amsterdam. Before I signed up for Hollands Next Top Model, I studied at the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts (I still do). It is a very intensive study where I sing, dance and perform at a high level every day. Actually, that’s it, haha. It is full time, so literally all my time goes to that.

Did you have some modeling experience before Hollands Next Top Model?

No, I had zero experience. A friend of mine studies photography in Brussels and asked me to pose for her final project, an exposition in Brussels. I really liked doing that. I have never been afraid of the camera in this little artist world, so modeling didn’t felt like ‘new’. I know how to sell a product if it’s with dance, photos or whatever.

Why did you sign yourself up for this show and how did you experience the auditions?
I did not sign myself up. My roommate did it with a friend of hers. I thought it was a funny idea and just wanted to see how it would turn out. I got invited for the castings and despite the fact that it was a day of 11 hours, it flew by. I just let it all happen and was my complete self. I knew that I would score with that.

There were a lot of applications for the program, did you expect you to be chosen?
I did not expect that they would choose me for the show at all. During the casting day, I saw so many tall and gorgeous men who definitely had more model experiences than I had.

Quincy Denzel Sedney

What has been your best experience during HNTM?
What stayed most what everything around the shoots. It felt amazing to go from hair to make-up and jump in front of the camera. It was a big honor to promote a product or something else. So, the shoots were my best experiences.

What has been your worst experience during HNTM?
What I thought was the worst, was that you’re constantly around people you didn’t choose yourself. Of course, it’s a competition and not some kind of friendship club, but I’m still a bit sensitive about these things. Other people and other lifestyles, behavior etc. what is very different from mine, is something I can’t handle very well.

How would the other participants descirbe you in three words?
Positive, crazy and a man that speaks his piece.

What was your favorite photoshoot and who shot it?
The first shoot for the so-called comp cards was my favorite shoot. Not because of what we had to do, but because Nigel Barker is standing in front of you. I was so happy at that moment, it’s such an honor that I could work with one of the most famous photographers in America.

Quincy Denzel Sedney

Who is your favorite model of all time?
Winnie Harlow, despite her sickness (pigment difference), she shows to everyone that it doesn’t affect her on the work floor. She is super professional and I think she’s very beautiful.

What do you think is the hardest thing of becoming and being a model?
Being alone. I a programme as Hollands Next Top Model it is super fun to be surrounded by the production and the other candidates, but when you’re eventually at the top in the model industry, you fly from here to there. You meet so many different people that you probably can’t create a home-base. I think that would be very difficult.

Unfortunately, you had to leave the show in the third episode. What are your plans for the future?
I’m really focussing on social media. I have a great ambition for television and love to take my viewers with me on an adventure in my vlogs #QUINCDAG (subscribe if you haven’t already :p). I am in the last year of LMIPA, so besides social media, I’m also really focused on getting my diploma.

You also have a brand new YouTube Channel, what kind of videos can we expect?
I always take my viewers with me to interesting things about the artist work field. Besides that, I just hope that I can make people smile with my videos. Take life not too serious, then it’s more fun.

Where can we follow you?
Insta: @hntm_quincy

Facebook: Quincy Denzel

Snapchat: quincysedney

YouTube: Quincy Denzel

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