Interview with HNTM candidate Chelsey Rashelle van der Heijden

October 9, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Hollands Next top Model Chelsey

Chelsey Rashelle van der Heijden was chosen to participate in the race of becoming Hollands Next Top Model. What were the highlights of the show and what was Chelsey’s worst experience?

AGE:  20 years old.
CURRENT PLACE: Netherlands

The Dutchies among us probably know already from Hollands Next Top Model, but can you introduce yourself a little bit?
My name is Chelsey. I’m 20 years old. and this year, as one of the few, I have had the opportunity to participate in Hollands Next Top Model. I’m following the program of commercial economics and I hope to graduate in 2 years. In addition, I like dancing and good food.

Did you have some modeling experience before Hollands Next Top Model?
No, I’m totally new to the model world. I have been scouted before, but my parents thought I was too young.

Why did you sign yourself up for this show and how did you experience the auditions?
It has always been my dream. But last year I watched the program and I told my parents: I can do this too. I decided to register myself. From thousands of applications, I was chosen. I had to go to the casting day. It was a long but especially a very nice day. I enjoyed it. unfortunately, it took a while before I really knew I was in the program.

There were a lot of applications for the program, did you expect you to be chosen?
I can not say I assumed that I would be chosen. I am aware that I have a distinctive appearance. but you never know what they are looking for.

Chelsey Rashelle van der Heijden

What has been your best experience during HNTM?
The shoots of course. And all the people I’ve met.

What has been your worst experience during HNTM?
The long waiting. The long days. We started at 4 in the morning en we ended the day at 2 in the night.

How would the other participants describe you in three words?
Sweetest person ever. No just joking. Fierce, sweet but a little bit bitchy

What was your favorite photo shoot and who shot it?
My favorite shoot was the 2nd shoot. the shoot where the press photos were made. I loved the clothes I had and with this shoot, I had the best picture. The photos were made by Feriet Tunc.

Chelsey Rashelle van der Heijden

Who is your favorite model of all time?
Gigi Hadid.

What do you think is the hardest thing of becoming and being a model?
The jealous hassle of the people around you.

What are your future goals?
First, I just want to get my school diploma. at the moment school is my priority. I hope, of course, to become an international model in the future.

Do you work out a lot? If you do, what is your favorite work out routine?
No, I probably should. I’m still young and I can eat what I want. But lately, I started running every morning for half an hour.

Chelsey Rashelle van der Heijden

Where can we follow you?
Instagram: hntm_chelsey
Facebook: Chelsey van der Heijden
Snapchat: Chelseyrashelle

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