Interview – Fashion Model Charon Cooijmans

June 19, 2012 by Modellist-ID


Name: Charon Cooijmans

Nationality: Dutch

Profession: Fashion Model and blog holder

Agencies: Paparazzi models Amsterdam, Viva, Paris, London 

Current location: Amsterdam

How did you start modeling?

‘The first time I got scouted I was about 16, but my interests where far from that at the time. Later, during my studies Fashion and Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I helped out a lot of Design students with shoots and little shows. I kind of liked it. With some pushing and support of two good friends I took the step to see a real agent. And that’s how it started.’

What does your career do for you?

‘It makes me feel like `a wannabe rock star` with kicks and holes on the road.’

What’s your most memorable shoot?

‘That must be my first l’Oreal campaign. The night before the job I was happy like hell and jumping on my hotel bed with a bottle of champagne. It has never been a dream for me to work for l’Oreal, but by doing it, it became one.’

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?

‘ I think Modellist-ID can make the modeling life more transparent. Less mysterious and it gives more knowledge.’

Who do you admire and would you like to meet?

‘The people that surround me I admire for their life wisdom, courage and there friendship. I do respect the work of a lot of people inside and outside the fashion industry, but there is not one person who is a real inspiration to me and I’m dying to meet.’ 

What’s your favorite music?

 ‘Music is rather important to me, even though I’m pretty bad in describing my style. It’s more about the ’realness’ to me than a certain type of music. I have two iPods (one for the road, one for my sound system at home) pumped with a blend of blues, rock and roll and soul. Mostly 60’s and 70’s. Janis Joplin became my hero ever since I listened to her album ‘Pearl’ for the first time. I have her picture on my wall at home. Soon I’m planning to make it my wall of fame with my all time favorites like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Bob Marley, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and Jim Morrison. They can really make my day in combination with some new artist like Eddie Vedder, The Gossip, Jack White, The Kills and The Black Keys.’

What’s your beauty regime?

‘The eyelash curler without a doubt! Shiseido moisture protection day cream, Yves Saint Laurent touché éclat for the early mornings, some homeoplasmine or Vaseline for lips and cheeks, and Biodermal crealine to wipe it all of again.’

What is your favourite city and where do you like to hang out there?

‘Paris, I lived there for about two and a half years. During this time I rented apartments in almost all the main areas for different periods. Because of this, there a lot of shops and bars that became special to me. One of them is the little food market hidden behind the houses of rue de Bretagne. In the weekends it’s packed with locals eating all different kinds of food and drinking wine at pick nick tables. At Rue d’ Odeon in the 6th area is the nicest bookstore called Shakespeare and Company where I could spend hours. ‘

Do you have any advice for those who want to start modeling?

‘Well I guess that’s hard to say, cause the way to modeling is different for everyone. I think best is not to expect too much of it, but to grab it when you can. It’s good to have a backup plan that you enjoy doing for the quiet periods. I think this keeps you sharp and motivated.’

What are your future plans?

‘Fulltime modeling and combine this with finishing my last year at school. For the studying part I really have to push myself, cause the modeling rhythm can be quite addicting sometimes. After things are slowing down I want to start something myself. I don’t have anything concrete but I’m pretty sure I can use my experience and the vision I build up in the last few years. ‘




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