How to find the perfect item online (and offline)?

March 15, 2017 by Maaike Janna De blauw

The other day I was having lunch with one of my best friends, as we were enjoying the view from her new apartment, she complimented me on my blouse, adding that she admired the fact that I can always find identical “different” pieces instead of the standard pieces from local clothing chains. I told her that it is just a matter of following a few guidelines and rules and using the right search options, this counts for online and offline.

To begin with here are my three golden rules when it comes to buying something (online or offline).

  1. Before you go online or into a shop think precisely about what you are looking for, reduce the chances of distraction! For example, next week I have a   cocktail party so I think about the style, color and fabric first.
  2. Then, always make sure you can actually mix and match the item that you are about to buy with the clothing that is already hanging in your closet. For example: you know you will not wear a sequined black legging daily to the office or when you are about to walk into that business meeting.
  3. Also, do not buy an item that you only want to wear once. This is such a waste of your money and the people who made your clothes.
perfect item maaike janna de blauw

So now, let’s say you want to buy something online, how will you utilize search options or filters? (This is why I love Zalando or Asos, because you can actually create your own online shop).

Like I said, (think about my three golden rules) what are you looking for? Are you looking for a nice blouse to wear to work? Also one that you feel comfortable wearing? Okay, so you want to click on the search options: blouse or tops. Secondly, pick the colorrs you love to wear or are 100% sure that suit you.
Then choose your price range and size. I would even say always click on your size and one size bigger, even order them both! As we all know, some label sizes turn out smaller or bigger than expected.

Last but certainly not least, and this is my favorite option, choose the materials that you love wearing. Not sure? Go to your closet and pick out the pieces that you love the wearing because of the feel of the fabric or material, look inside the label and find out what fabric this item is made of. Now click on results and taddaa.. there are only a couple of options left, and you can be 100% sure you will love and wear the item you are about to buy!

perfect item maaike janna de blauw

These tips are not only helping you to save money, these tips and tricks are also eco friendlier because you will eventually buy less and wear your items longer. Enjoy!


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