How and why to maximise your wardobe

March 8, 2017 by Maaike Janna De blauw

maximise your wardrobe Maaike Janna de Blauw fashion Photography: Lizzy van der Ligt

Watching the recent US elections, I assume everyone was shocked and nobody saw this coming, right? Well, some people told me they did see it coming and some people told me they did not.  Trump, the president of the United States, was (and is) not only a man who puts words in his mouth that makes me shiver, the worst part is his preconceived notions and actions towards humanity (in particularly women) and mother nature, yes, our planet.

My heart stood still watching the documentary of Leonardo Dicaprio (before the flood) not only because there is so much for us to do and so little time to win this race against pollution and global warming, but also because some people deny global warming is actually happening. One of these people is Donald Trump.

So you have to understand that when a man who denies global warming is actually the President of the United States this makes me (to say the least) a little bit anxious.

So this introduction is me explaining to you why I chose the subject of this blog. I do not have the same amount of power as Leo or Livia Firth (The true cost, founder of Eco Age and yes, wife of) but what I can do is change my lifestyle and way of spending my money, and thereby make a little difference in this eco system. I love fashion and clothes, so I will give you tips and tricks how to maximize your wardrobe and buy selectively. You’ll think twice before buying more and throwing old clothes away.

My first subject is the beloved item of many celebs; the vintage t-shirt. In the beginning I had to get used to the raw look but now I wear mine daily. Because its a t-shirt you can combine the item easy tucked in a leather skirt, jeans, or casual with your track pants or sport outfit.  Here in Amsterdam it’s mostly freezing, I wear the shirt casual with an oversized cardigan over a high waisted mom jeans. But when I unpack my suitcase during my vacation I just simply combine the shirt with shorts and sandals. Spice up your outfit with some glam for a party night with some big diamond earrings and a glitter pants and voilà; your glam outfit is born!


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