Hostaria Costanza, Rome – A Hidden Surprise

January 7, 2013 by Modellist-ID

The hidden and unappealing entrance does not prepare you for the interior. Inside restaurant Hostaria Costanza has a fantastic ancient charm since it is built within the ruins of the famous ‘Teatro di Pompeo’. So although there’s an outdoor terrace area, choose for the great ambiance inside which is much nicer. 

The menu has great variety: From classic Umbrian pastas (carbonara, amatriciana, norcina, cacio e pepe) to the more artisan pastas (truffle, artichoke, fruit of the sea, fresh porcini). But also delicious seafood which is displayed in a case and is really good and fresh. 

‘Rigatoni alla norcina’ – Delicious!

The waiters are extremely friendly and charming and dressed as you might expect.

The restaurant is very conveniently located, just a short walk from Campo De Fiori and close to Piazza Navona.

Definitely a place you will return to!

Address: Piazza del Paradiso 63, Rome

Telephone number: +39 06 686 1717


Closed on Sunday

Tags: bites



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