Flirting Via Texts: 4 Tips To Be A Pro

December 6, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Flirting Via Texts: 4 Tips To Be A Pro

For all you single gals out there, chances are you’re familiar with this modern-day process: you meet someone, get their number or give your own, and then commence a back and forth of flirty messages in the hope of finding someone just as great as you.

Texting or messaging is a common if not integral part of contemporary dating as it gives each person a chance to get to know the other without having to take the risk of getting on the phone and having an awkward conversation. But it doesn’t come without its complications. Not only has online dating increased rapidly over the last ten years — 15 percent of Americans have now experienced online dating according to the Pew Research Center — causing a number of different messaging platforms, but we now live in a world of emoji’s, abbreviations and numerous modern day tricks. Let’s take a look at a few quick tips so that you know the do’s and don’ts, and are always on top of your flirting game.

1. Don’t Drag on the Conversation
While texting or messaging is a great way to flirt and keep in touch with your love interest, it can become a nuisance if your conversation starts to get boring. Try and avoid the “What are you doing right now?” or “How are you?” zones; mundane questioning or dull conversation cannot only annoy the person but might make it seem like you don’t have anything in common even though you would have plenty to talk about in person. Instead, resort to texting for funny anecdotes, personal jokes, compliments or any other flirty messages that could result in some bonding.

2. Be Creative With Your Emoji’s
Believe it or not, emoji’s can change the meaning of a message so be sure to choose wisely. There is the classic flirty emojis like winky face, poking-tongue-out and the blushing-face, which you should definitely advantage of but in moderation. Also, use them to portray a certain vibe — if you want to ask them out but seem chill then why not add a sunglass-face at the end? Or the bottle of champagne? Make sure you have an up-to-date smartphone like the iPhone 7 Plus though so you can really use this flirting technique, and not have weird symbols show up in your messages instead of actual emojis.

3. Keep It Short Without Being Rude
You’ve likely heard it before, but clinginess is a number one no-no in any dating environment. Especially for a girl, it’s important to let the guy know they don’t have you yet as this generally keeps them wanting more. Keep your messages short and to the point but still suggestive. If he asks if you have time to hang out on the weekend, don’t list all the things you’re doing and give a long story about when you’re free, rather reply with a simple “sounds fun, I’ll let you know as soon as I sort out my plans.” You’re showing you’re interested while still remaining mysterious.

4. Always Be Confident
As with any dating experience, confidence is key. If you come off as someone who is sure of themselves, this is can be very attractive for potential love interests. Take control by sending the first message every now and then (make sure it’s not all the time), joking around and being cheeky, and suggesting or initiating a plan without forcing it. A big part of confidence is also knowing what you want, so use messages to compliment them when you like something they do or said, and make them feel good as well.

Flirting via text messaging can be a difficult game to play in the dating world. However, with messaging popular these days, it’s not something you can avoid so why not master it? Check out these tips and get your skills up to scratch for any future love interests.

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