Cumin & Lemon Avocado Toast

August 19, 2013 by KELLY O'DELL

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One of my favorite lunch time spots in NYC (St. Helena in Brooklyn) used to offer this on their menu…

Sadly they are no longer around, but you can make this for lunch or breakfast in about 2 minutes! It’s so fresh, with creamy avocado, fragrant cumin and a squeeze of tangy lemon juice on crunchy whole wheat toast.

Put the ham and cheese away and try something new!

Ingredients for Cumin & Lemon Avocado Toast :

1 avocado
1 tsp of cumin powder
1/2 lemon (juice)
s&p (good quality sea salt)
Drizzle of good quality olive oil
2 pieces of your favorite toasted whole wheat or multi grain bread


Scoop the avocado flesh from the avocado and place in a bowl.

Add the cumin, s&p and lemon juice

Using a fork, mash it all up.

Smooth onto toasted bread and drizzle with good quality olive oil (key!)

2 minutes later and you are eating!

Health Benefits:

The Amazing Avocado:
Anti-inflammatory properties, omega 3 fatty acids, Fiber, Vitamin K and C, Folate, Potassium

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