Crispy Spinach Salad – By Veggie Blogger Mirjam

August 20, 2013 by Mirjam Leslie-Pringle

Crispy spinach salad with orange-gorgonzola vinaigrette…


It’s been an incredibly good summer this year, and I can tell, since we’ve stayed home and really hoped for some sun and do-able temperatures. It was exactly what we got: it was a blast to be able to go outside with only some flip-flops, tops and shorts.

We live in the south of Amsterdam, just a few hundred meters near the famous Vondelpark, where friends and family meet each other after work or in weekends, with bottles of chilled drinks and baskets stuffed with goods. So you can imagine what we’ve been doing night after night!

Barbecues and little gatherings with kids and friends, sun and fresh food… staying out ’till the sun is long gone..  it’s like the ultimate summer joy. And since I kind of know how to get around in my kitchen I’ve been sorting out some good salads to bring along.


This spinach salad really isn’t hard to make but has this nice twist because of the gorgonzola mixed with orange, which makes it a dish of it’s own.

Healthy as hell, and great on your plate! 😉

Ingredients (4 persons)

1/4 cup of pine nuts
150 gr. fresh organic spinach leaves (or 4 great hands)
200 gr.gorgonzola, (or 1 great cup, when cut in little cubes)
Half a red onion
2 oranges
4 tbsp of olive oil
Half a lime
5 radishes
Freshly ground pepper and salt


– Heat a small pan and add the pine nuts. Turn the heat low. Make sure they get brown, but not burned!

– In the meantime, peel the oranges with a knife, and also get rid of the white

– Above a bowl, cut out the wedges (without peel), and make sure you catch the juice

– Add 4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to the orange, and squeeze in half the lime.

– Add half the gorgonzola as well, add salt and pepper to taste and stir firmly

– Cut the rest of the gorgonzola in little cubes

– Keep an eye on your pine nuts.. you might have to take them off already.

– Cut the radishes in pieces, and cut the onion in thin slices

– Divide a hand of spinach on each plate, add some onions and radishes, than the pine nuts and the gorgonzola cubes and finally top it off with your beautiful orange-gorgonzola vinaigrette!

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Mirjam Leslie-Pringle Being a (young)mom of three,having our own company ( studying for natural nutritionist, means I’m always busy and running around. Busy creating new posts for my vegetarian ModellistID for that matter!),doing photography on commission,writing articles,or preparing lunchboxes, driving around,bringing- or picking up my kids,doing groceries,making dinners,and so on,and so on. Well, the usual, I guess. But it also means I have to take care of myself too, without spending too much time doing so. I think being a vegetarian is a great way to stay in shape and to get all the important vitamins and minerals you need from wholesome food; various vegetables and fruits,seeds,nuts and plant based proteins. And maybe more important; it’s really sooo not 2014 to eat animals?!! Vegetarian food can absolutely be hip, hot and delicious, but you have to experiment a bit to get it! With my Veggie Very Much blog I like to share my recipes with you, by photographing the preparation step by step. I hope you enjoy! Eat well!



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