eye makeup modellife
7 Magical Ways For Eye Makeup That Lasts All Day February 20, 2017 | Karishma Sehgal Yes, you are under dressed till you have done your eye makeup. When you make eye contact, you have to leave a great first... Read more →
Mandy Glasbergen Biosil review beauty supplements hair nails model mauritius
Mandy’s Health, Food & Beauty February 18, 2017 | Mandy Glasbergen Today Mandy talks Beauty with a capital B: great hair, skin and nails. Even for those who color their hair and use gel nail... Read more →
Terry Richardson Vogue hair blowdryer hair care model big editorial
Easy Hair Care Tips for Busy Nursing Students January 9, 2017 | Modellist-ID Great hair is a simple way to boost self-confidence and make you feel good. With these easy hair care tips you are sure to... Read more →
inexpensive beauty hacks
Inexpensive Beauty Hacks for Cash Strapped Students December 9, 2016 | Modellist-ID Here are some cheap beauty hacks to help you maintain your looks!... Read more →
Biosil Lian Schreuder fashion model strong nails hands black white
Putting Biosil to the test November 17, 2016 | Lian Schreuder Who still believes in beauty supplements? I will tell you my secret that made me a believer again!... Read more →
Meeki review fashion model Melody Vroom
A Model Recommends – Meeki November 7, 2016 | Melody Vroom These two colours in particular are great for Christmas or New Years, so you can match your nails to your sparkling outfit!... Read more →
Wilma Svirins Fashion Model Beauty Secrets
Modeling Beauty Hacks September 30, 2016 | Wilma Svirins I'm so incredibly kind that I am going to share a few beauty hacks that I've learned from working with different make-up... Read more →
Pilates Marianne Antuma modeling model life workout
My Model Workout: Pilates September 20, 2016 | Marianne Antuma My body got a beautiful shape; my posture is erect and confident. This is important for my work, and a boost for my... Read more →
Marianne Antuma airbase
Beauty gadget: Airbase! September 14, 2016 | Marianne Antuma During my last photoshoot on Mallorca I had a very interesting experience with Hair and Make up professional Barbara... Read more →
7 diets
7 Diets That Can Tone Your Modellistic Dreams To Reality September 7, 2016 | Apoorva Rao Here are 7 diet plans that you can choose from, to move quicker towards getting toned. ... Read more →


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