Can You Make Your Pores Appear Smaller? These Tips May Help

February 27, 2018 by Modellist-ID


If you’ve been “blessed” with large pores due to genetics, you know it can be a challenge to keep your pores free from impurities on a regular basis.

Large pores can also develop when you have breakouts that eventually fade but leave an opening or crater-like hole in the skin. While getting facials and face wash can help to get dirt, makeup, and debris out of your pores, there are also some ways that you can reduce the size of your pores and improve the overall texture of your skin.

Unclogging Your Pores
Regular exfoliation is one of the best ways to make sure that your pores are clean. Celebrity esthetician Reneé Rouleau says that is the most effective way to improve the health of your skin if your pores are naturally large. You can exfoliate at home or visit a skin care professional to have the procedure done. Rouleau asserts that a monthly in-depth exfoliation is best.

If you exfoliate at home, use a mechanic brush and a scrub that contains gentle ingredients like avocado oil or apricot extract to remove dead skin cells from your face. Before you start the exfoliation process, make sure you’ve washed your face with warm water and have used a cleanser that isn’t too harsh on your skin.

Incorporate Salicylic Acid Into Your Routine
Salicylic acid keeps your pores clean because it gets into the lining of you pore to reduce bacteria and inflammation. Rouleau explains that salicylic acid is classified as a BHA or keratolytic beta hydroxyl acid. This means that it can make the skin smoother and reduce breakouts and the shininess associated with acne. You can apply a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid after cleansing your face to keep your pores clean throughout the day or use a salicylic acid face wash

Use Steam to Your Advantage
If you like to take warm showers, this could help you clean your pores and improve your complexion. The steam will get into your pores, raise your skin’s temperature, and draw out oil that has hardened in your pores. This makes it much easier to do deep cleansing treatments and extractions. You can treat your skin to steam in the shower, or you can fill a bowl with hot water, cover your face with a small towel and take in the steam from the water. This will keep the steam in your facial area and may cause you to sweat a little, which will help to draw the impurities out of your skin.

Apply Retinol to the Skin
Dermatologist Rachel Nazarian states that retinols plump the skin and boost circulation, which can help you produce more collagen. Collagen helps to protect the skin, prevents lines and wrinkles from forming and even helps to control the production of blemishes. When you use retinol, your oil glands won’t produce as much, and they can actually decrease in size. Apply a retinol to your skin can also help you get rid of blackhead quickly and close your pores back up faster after the impurities have been removed from your skin.

It’s best to use a retinol at night to give your skin time to renew itself. It’s also safer to use the retinol before going to bed because you shouldn’t be out in the sun once you’ve applied the retinol. To learn more about how retinol affects your skin, you can read more at

Make an Appointment for a Chemical Peel
Chemical peels are ideal for restoring your appearance by revealing bright and youthful skin that may be hiding underneath dull and lifeless skin cells on the surface of your complexion. These dead cells may have also found their way into your pores, which clogs the pores and leads to inflammation and uneven skin tone. Chemical peels make the skin’s surface smoother, which helps to reduce the look of large pores. If you want to minimize your pores, a light or medium chemical peel is likely best for you. This peel can also get rid of breakouts and acne scarring while balancing your skin tone. Talk to your dermatologist or medical spa professional about the condition of your skin and the size of your pores before selecting your treatment, and remember to limit your time in the sun after getting the peel to prevent skin irritation.

As you can see, there are a few ways to make your pores smaller and improve your complexion. A combination of these treatments could be the solution you need to get clear and healthy skin once and for all.

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