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December 29, 2016 by Lucien Dave Bus

To stay in shape while modeling, running is a necessary ‘hobby’ to get familiar with. Finding the perfect balance between cardio and exercising is always difficult. To be honest I am not quite a marathon guy. I prefer cardio sessions like kickboxing, for more explosive strength and endurance. Once in a while, I get out of the local gym for a quick running session. The only problem is that during my running session sometimes my legs and especially my calves get sore after a couple of minutes. Therefore, planning a multiple running routine every week becomes a bit of an obstacle.

Of course there are many ways to solve this problem; like a better diet, good warming up, staying hydrated, but I never thought it would be changing my socks. I got myself some running socks by STOX. First I thought these kinds of socks were for medical purposes only, but these days they are available for the non-medical market as well. You don’t consider yourself running with some knee-high socks, so putting them on for my first run was quite awkward. At the moment of putting them on, my legs felt instantly comfortable. Like walking on feathers. During my running session I didn’t get sore calves and also the muscle ache started much later during my run.

The day after my running sessions I often feel stiff in the front side of my lower legs, which sometimes obstructs me to build up a normal running routine or prevents me from going to the gym again. None of the previously mentioned “problems” occurred after using my STOX running socks the day before. It made me possible to set up a running routine with less muscular pain than before; just great. Some of my hardcore marathon running friends are now using these socks too. For them it’s a standard part of their running gear, while they are in training for long distance runs!

In December things can be pretty hectic, everybody knows the feeling. While combining working as a model with my daytime job in Amsterdam, I am on the move pretty much all the time. When I spend some long working days at the office my legs feel tired and heading to the gym is more easily said than done. Also, the long cold days in December don’t make you feel that energetic. I am not the kind of guy that wears knee-high socks to keep my legs warm and prevent me from the cold, but reading about the STOX recovery socks made me curious. So after the running socks I also got myself some recovery socks, just to give it a try. Plus, the fact I am wearing long pants all the time made it possible for me just to try them, without anyone noticing.

Lucien Bus stox office model male

At first the socks didn’t feel that comfortable; they were tight, really tight, but during my 30-minutes bicycle ride from my home to the office I already felt more energetic and less fatigue. During the day at the office and visiting several clients I didn’t get as exhausted as usual and my legs were just fine. The socks build up pressure around the ankles, thereby stimulating the blood flow in my lower legs. As a result, more oxygen is transported to the muscles and the lactic acid is rapidly removed. Lactic acid is a byproduct of the muscle metabolism while exercising or during performance and gives that sore and tired feeling in your legs. Besides, the socks look great and I am not afraid to show them at the office 😉

Last year I’ve been to Istanbul for a couple of weeks for a long on-stay modeling trip. Living there was quite rough and it took a lot of my energy. Especially walking up and down the hills (Istanbul is also known as the city on the seven hills), doing castings or jobs and arriving late at the model apartment, were killing me. I wish I had these STOX recovery socks at the time; it would certainly have diminished the soreness in my legs during the day. But no problem; when I go back to this beautiful city I know what to bring: both of my pairs of STOX socks, to make living there a bit more convenient!

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