Beauty gadget: Airbase!

September 14, 2016 by Marianne Antuma

Marianne Antuma airbase

During my last photoshoot on Mallorca I had a very interesting experience with Hair and Make up professional Barbara Hostalka.

As early morning birds we started at 06.00 hrs with make-up in the hotelroom, my eyes where still a bit sleepy but I truly identified this little machine on the table. My new friend, Barbara said. She blended and sprayed my face and shaped my cheekbones smoothly with the Airbase machine. My skin enjoyed a healthy glow all day long (36 degrees!) After work 20.00 hrs, we dove in to the sea to refresh, guess what ?! No racoon face for me, the make-up was still flawless. I am amazed about this experience.

Marianne Antuma Fashion Model Airbase

Barbara: “For me as a make up artist, it changed my whole perspective of makeup. It is suitabe for any skincolor and skintype,  comes with a natural glowing finish, has a great rage of coverage from nude to tattoo coverage, lasts durable in any kind of climate, is easy to apply and affordable stays invisible for the HD camera, suits for women and men. It has changed my professional life.”

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