Author: valerie

Founder of Modellist-ID and specialized in marketing and fashion. She also works as a personal stylist. In daily life, she is a health freak and therefore loves to share tips and recipes with you.
Beetroot ginger cinnamon smoothie healthy recipes beat the flu illness
Beetroot, Ginger & Cinnamon Smoothie February 22, 2017 | valerie This smoothie contains all you need to keep your body happy!... Read more →
Crop Tops Are Here To Stay September 24, 2013 | valerie We already saw them this summer and the crop top trend continues... Yes they make it through the winter and will even stay... Read more →
The Suitrollor:making Traveling With Your Suit Unexpectedly Smooth September 17, 2013 | valerie Last Monday I went to the launch of this amazing new product, something I really need to share with you men:  The Suitrollor.... Read more →
New Trend: Gluten Free Makeup May 31, 2013 | valerie The other day I read in the New York Times about an upcoming new trend: gluten free makeup! Even trace amounts, absorbed... Read more →
Meet Creative Artist Frank Hoen May 14, 2013 | valerie The centre key of his portraits lies with women, who he paints in his own unique style...... Read more →
Interview With Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach Iboya Triz May 8, 2013 | valerie My vision is to strengthen the body from the core, thereby increasing both the functionality of everyday life as well as... Read more →
Spring Summer Trend 2013 – Black & White May 6, 2013 | valerie We at Modellist-ID love this spring/summer trend because there’s definitely something reassuring about clean, simple black... Read more →
Why I Love Them – Kelp Noodles January 23, 2013 | valerie Ever heard of kelp noodles? Maybe not and this is not so strange since they are still quite hard to find. Once discovered,... Read more →
Shabby Chic, Dusseldorf – Off The Beaten Path December 17, 2012 | valerie First you enter a small bicycle park area, then up the stairs you arrive at the entrance of this nice place...... Read more →
Why We Love It – Halloween & Pumpkins (plus Recipe!) October 29, 2012 | valerie It’s almost Halloween so many of us are very busy finding the best outfit to scare the hell out of everyone. Fashion model... Read more →


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