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Kelly Lambregts model interview fashion model mix models
Interview with fashion model Kelly Lambregts April 24, 2017 | Modellist-ID Kelly Lambregts just started as a model and already did a shoot for the JFK magazine! ... Read more →
Asma Zein Interview
Interview with fashion model Asma Zein April 17, 2017 | Modellist-ID Asma Zein is a gorgeous Sudanese freelance model. Find our what her model life looks like and what she loves doing besides... Read more →
Francis Demko Male Model Interview black white
Interview with fashion model Francis Demko April 10, 2017 | Modellist-ID Because of his hard work, handsome look and enthusiasm, Francis's big dream became reality. ... Read more →
Are you ready for summer season
7 ways to get ready for bikini season April 7, 2017 | Modellist-ID You’ve been hiding out under sweaters all winter, and now it’s time to put yourself out there again. ... Read more →
Interview with male model Bram Nederlof April 6, 2017 | Modellist-ID Dutch model Bram Nederlof tells us a lot about his mother agency and his life as a model.... Read more →
Andreas Floistrup
Interview with male model Andreas Floistrup April 3, 2017 | Modellist-ID Danish male model Andreas Floistrup got discovered during a party and got signed by the biggest agency in Scandinavia, Le... Read more →
Eric Mubyayi interview
Model Interview with Eric Mubyayi March 30, 2017 | Modellist-ID He loves to stay busy and he's always in for a challenge. We got the chance to interview super model Eric Mubyayi! ... Read more →
David Smaruj
Interview with male model David Smaruj March 27, 2017 | Modellist-ID With his white/blond hair, light skin and beautiful blue eyes, male model David Smaruj really stands out. ... Read more →
Nadine Hulleman black white interview
Interview with fashion model Nadine Hulleman March 23, 2017 | Modellist-ID Studying for exams, photoshoots here and there and unfortunately recovering from a car accident.. Nadine Hulleman doesn't... Read more →
how to get more modeling work
How to get more modeling work March 21, 2017 | Modellist-ID To get frequent work and land the most lucrative projects, you need to have a strong business plan.... Read more →


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