Artez Fashion Show: From A Models’ Point Of View – By Model Marije Popping

June 11, 2013 by Marije Popping

ArtEZ Fashion Show ’13 – From a models’ point of view

After a long week at school full of tests and learning, I thought it was time for some fun. I decided to go to a fashionshow, which took place that afternoon in Arnhem. Each year fashion students from ArtEZ (Institute of the Arts) present their graduation collection to the public. Those students are the upcoming designers and each year it’s amazing to see what they create. So I was very curious what they had made this year!

Luckily enough they didn’t disappoint my expectations. I will tell you about my top three designers. The first one is Piet Caarls. He graduated in womenswear and the look was very sophisticated. You could clearly see the feminine silhouette, even though he had used some masculine details. Caarls was inspired by the movie ‘Belle du jour’, where a woman leads a double life and lives in two opposite characters. This was especially reflected in the beautiful cutout hats. 

My next favorite is Henriëtte Tilanus. The collection made me very happy! She used many different fabrics and materials, a bit like a Vivienne Westwood collection. It looks comfortable and despite of all the mixed colors and prints it doesn’t get a clowns-effect. 

My last top three designer is Ofri Geertjes. He showed a very clean and calm menswear collection. And maybe it’s because of the gloves or the shiny unusual fabric (which you can’t see very well on the picture unfortunately), but is a bit edgy.  Just keep an eye on this upcoming designer and I’m sure the diamond shoes will become musthaves! 

Well, this blogpost was truly an individual point of view, but I hope you can see the beauty in those designs! I also want to encourage models or young girls to go and watch fashion shows. It’s a very different experience than your own ‘catwalkmoment’, but oh so inspiring!
And last but not least a big thank you to Victor Wennekes, who photographed the pictures for this blog!

Lots of love,

Marije Pöpping

Photographer: Victor Wennekes

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Marije Popping <p>My name is Marije P&ouml;pping. A seventeen year old&nbsp;model from the Netherlands. Signed at Anka Model Management.<br />Enjoy my blogs!</p>



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