Tried & Reviewed – Apivita: The Rose Pepper Body Sculpture Massage

June 25, 2016 by Lian Schreuder

Apivita Review

Like many of us woman, models are also frustrated about cellulite, yes really! We’ve all read the articles about the exercises we can do, how we have to roll trough the coffee grounds and the food we have to eat, but all that take’s so much perseverance. So when I heard about a massage that works on your moon landscape, I had to try.

I made an appointment at the Apivita salon in Amsterdam, the Rose Pepper Body Sculpture Massage it is! The day I had my appointment was one of those days where you wish you stayed in bed. Forgot my phone in the morning, traffic, coffee on my shirt….I walked into the salon with my shoulders up to my ears. Luckily the massage was scheduled at the end of the day, so from now on I could just relax.

apivita lian schreuder

And relax…

After a nice cup of relaxing herbal tea, it was time to get me some smooth legs. One’s laying down I quickly fell into a trance. The massage felt firm, but not as firm as a deep tissue massage. It felt soothing and calming, but I could still feel it could do justice. The smell of the oil was so good, it made me feel like floating over French farm fields. The massage itself does half the trick, but the other half is done by the ingredients of the Rose Pepper Oil.

The Rose Pepper Oil has a mix of lemon, juniper, rosemary, bergamot, almond oil, olive oil, rose oil, bitter orange leaves, pine, grapefruit, orange, cypress, ginger, lavender, patchouli, geranium, fennel and neroli, not that I know much about all these ingredients, beside loving most of these on my plate. I’ve been told that these components work on your microcirculation, fights you local fat, help your skin with detoxification and hydration. That’s what we wanna hear!

Apivita Lian Schreuder Rose Pepper Oil

I am taking you with me!

After my massage I felt like a newborn. With big red skin pages on my legs, but that gave me hope this massage was doing his work.

Unfortunately I didn’t wake up the next morning with a new pair of legs, but I had a great night sleep, felt like my body had a recharge and my skin felt smooth and soft.

Apivita Lian Schreuder

The massage gave me a glow (and a print of the chair on my face)

For the next view weeks I’ll use the Rose Pepper Oil at home, to get results. Everything for legs that look like they already been true Photoshop.

Would you like to treat yourself to a massage, or one of the other treatments at Apivita?

Apivita Lian Schreuder

Apivita store in Amsterdam

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Lian Schreuder Lian has been a fulltime fashion model since the age of 14. She worked for all the big brands like Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger, and graced the covers of Madame Figaro, Biba, Marie Claire and ELLE. Less glamorous but just as fun, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden and play carpenter around her lovely home. Cooking, yoga and drawing are part of her relaxation ritual. Besides her international career, this busy bee is also enforcing the team of Modellist-ID.



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