Antwerp Highlights – By Fashion Model Marije Popping

August 19, 2013 by Marije Popping

Last summer I went to Antwerp for a small visit. I had never been there before, so I was quite excited to go! Of course Antwerp is a well known city in the fashion business. Famous designers have studied fashion at Artesis (Royal academy of fine arts), like Dries van Noten and Ann Demeulemeester. However Antwerp is not only known for their fashion icons, but also for their amazing shopping area. With stores like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Definitely worth a visit!

And well, if you’re there, you shouldn’t miss my favorite attraction: the MoMu, a beautiful fashion museum with two themed exhibitions a year. The exhibition was about the whole designing process. From the inspiration books till the final garments. Very interesting!


This was one of my favorites. Because of the simplicity, your eyes are really focused on the shapes. And the color is just breathtaking! Unfortunately I forgot the name of the designer…

There was also a gallery with an installation of Pierre Renaux. He’s a graduate from the academy and made a collection that shows garments that are in the middle of being ruined and/or dissolved. I like to see how he mixes the different materials. It’s a bit futuristic, yet with contemporary silhouettes. 

And last but not least, another favorite of mine: the graffiti village Doel. It’s a 30 minutes drive from Antwerp. A must see if you have nothing planned yet and a free trip as well! Doel is in fact a modern ghost town that is overrun with graffiti. The inhabitants had to leave in 2009 because of the planned expansion of the Antwerp harbor. Now no one lives there anymore, famous graffiti artists like Blue and Roa used the houses as their canvas for beautiful art pieces. 

A painted wall by graffiti artist Roa.


Taking some tourist pictures in Doel.

I hope you will visit these places when you’re in Antwerp! Enjoy it!

Lots of love,

Marije Pöpping

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