A Titre De Rue 57, New York

February 18, 2015 by citizenmag

When translated from French, “A titre de” means “by way of”; which is an English expression for “passing through”. And in this case, the destination was Rue 57 (Street 57), which is located on 60 W. 57TH St. and 6th avenue. (Avenue of the Americas)

Rue 57 | Brasserie Parisienne et Sushi Bar evokes the Asian and American spirit and fuses them together with traditional European dishes to form a Voltron of cuisines to tantalize and conquer your appetite.

The other night, my friend and I had the opportunity to venture to the très chic eatery for a good time, drinks and savory presentation.

Now, Rue 57′s menu pretty much covers the gamit for the day, having selections to choose from, from breakfast to dinner, sushi and even dessert ‎has an awesome tribe of things to choose from.‎ They’re arsened with French, Japanese and Steakhouse cuisines that won’t only fill your stomach, but your heart as well.

For starters, we had Truffle Pomme Frites, the next set of guilty pleasures we indulged in were the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, dressed with baby spinach on the side and Rue 57′s signature  Grilled Sirloin Burger with Roquefort and pomme frites.‎

But I think the best part of my experience at Rue 57 wasn’t only it’s burgundy and brass layout that’s reminiscent of the restaurants during the Golden Age, or the delectable options on their menu, but our sever, Steven.

I think the reason why I had such a grand time, was due to this gentleman. Other then the food, Steven was the added on element to my heightened experience at Rue. The character before us, disguised as a server was very charismatic, charming, animated, entertaining ‎and used catch phrases like “we’ll make it sexy for you” to accommodate every request for our meal. And this is the reason why the time spent at Rue 57 will be a memorable one.

So to the good folks over at Rue 57, I give you two thumbs up. And to Mr. Steven, I exceptionally thank you for a wonderful time and top notch service!!

And finally, if you find that you’re headed to Rue 57, ask for the Truffle Pomme Frites,(they’re killer) ask that you be placed in Steven’s section and I wish you a Bon appetite!

Address: 60 W 57th St New York, NY 10019

Website: http://rue57.com

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