7 ways to get ready for bikini season

April 7, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Are you ready for bikini season

Ditch The Ab Challenge: 7 More Creative Ways To Get Ready For Bikini Season

Thinking about the impending bikini season can be overwhelming. You’ve been hiding out under sweaters all winter, and now it’s time to put yourself out there again. Even if you’ve been steering clear of the ice cream section at the grocery store and frequenting the gym regularly, the thought of stripping down to almost nothing is akin to getting a root canal. Ease into the season with these tips.

1. Start Slow
Going from a winter jacket to a bikini can make you feel like a man who just shaved off his 5-year-old beard. You’re overexposed, and it’s uncomfortable. Gradually shift your bulky cold-weather wardrobe into more form-fitting, skin-baring options, like the casual athleisure fashions at Fabletics.

Kate Hudson Fabletics

2. Exercise Outside
Exercising releases hormones that make you feel good and boost your confidence. Work out outdoors to boost the feel-good chemicals. Go for a walk around your neighborhood in the Ellie Sports Bra II to get used to sporting a two-piece before summer.

3. Expose Your Midriff
You’ve been toning your abs all winter, but you’re hesitant to show them off. Before bikini season, wear a midriff top with high-waist leggings or a maxi skirt. The Fabletics Carolina L/S top shows the perfect amount of skin to get you warmed up for bikini season.

4. Hydrate
Drinking enough water can help you shed bloat. Proper hydration can even help you lose weight. Get in the habit of hydrating now so that you have the energy to stay outside in the hot summer sun.

5. Focus On The Positive
You’re not the only woman who thinks that her abs aren’t her best feature. Focus on the body parts that you love. Wearing a sun-protective rash guard over your bikini can bring the focus to your strong, sexy legs. Putting on some makeup before hitting the beach can help you flaunt your confident smile.

6. Concentrate On Your Core
You may not be able to get a six pack overnight, but you can strengthen your core to improve your posture and remind yourself to hold in your abs while you’re hanging out in your bikini.

7. Spot Tone
If some parts of your body have extra wiggle, perform exercises that work large muscle groups in those areas. You’ll burn more calories at the same time that you build muscle in your trouble zones. High-intensity interval training can be a great way to target your abs, glutes and arms without spending a lot of extra time at the gym.

Instead of worrying about bikini season, focus on building your body confidence before you have to put on a two-piece suit. Moving your body in a way that’s fun for you, focusing on the parts of your body that you love and wearing clothing that makes you look good can get you ready for bikini season more effectively than doing all the sit-ups in the world.

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