7 Magical Ways For Eye Makeup That Lasts All Day

February 20, 2017 by Karishma Sehgal

Cara Delevingne Eye Makeup

That date night, the romantic drive, a night out with your girlfriends, or even a regular day at work demands that you look like a stunner. Clothes and accessories are all part of the look, but what catches everyone’s attention is your eyes. Yes, you are under dressed till you have done your eye makeup. When you make eye contact, you have to leave a great first impression. So, your eyes require special attention. You’ve got to apply liner and shadows and what not to make them pop.

As soon as you get done with your makeup, you have turned into a diva. You step out and make heads turn. But, as the day or night progresses, your makeup begins to wear out and by the time the day/night draws to a close, you look like a character straight out of a horror movie, with your makeup smudged all over your face. It’s a scary sight especially when your eyeliner decides to take a stroll over the rest of your face, leaving all your hopes of your crush hitting on you, well, wiped out.

So, what do you do? Stop wearing eye makeup? No, no. Then you’ll look dull and people are asking if you are sick. Eye makeup is a must, but learn how to get it right to ensure your makeup lasts longer. Here are a few tricks to help you get there.

1. Primer
A primer is a godsent gift, especially when we are talking about eye makeup. When I used to step out on an occasional date night, I would choose a random shade of eye shadow, use my fingers to smear it over my lids, hurriedly apply my eyeliner and barge out for fear of getting late. Now, when I recall how those dates turned out, I have realized that being late is way more acceptable than turning up like a panda. If you want your eye makeup to last longer, ensure that you apply a primer on your eyelids before you start off with anything else. Remember, PRIMER. Okay?

2. Waterproof
When it comes to eye makeup, waterproof is your best friend. Waterproof makeup is the best investment you can make. Not that we expect waterworks from you every time, but waterproof eye makeup keeps the eye-work intact. You wouldn’t possibly have to worry about smudging mascara and eyeliner every time you yawn or sneeze, because hey, a girl doesn’t have to cry for her eyes to start watering. Besides, what if you got a sweet surprise from that special someone? You should be prepared to shed a few happy tears, right?

3. Setting Powder
This is like the bit of garnishing in cooking that makes everything better. Once you are through with your eye shadow, dust a bit of translucent setting powder for your colors to stay in place. That way, even if you accidentally happen to touch your eyelid, you won’t have to worry about the pinch of color that could stray into your forehead or nose giving you a clown look. Lay your hands on some good setting powder so that you don’t have to worry about your eye shadow straying into misplaced territories.

4. No Moisturizer
There’s always a big hue and cry about keeping our skin hydrated. No, I’m not saying it’s exaggerated or uncalled for. Moisturizing our skin is a must. But can we do ourselves a favor and spare the region around our eyes for Michael Jackson’s sake? Moisturizing the skin just before makeup will be  disastrous to say the least. Your makeup will keep smudging, and you don’t really want that, do you?

5. Gel Liners
If you want to flaunt your beautiful eyes, you’d better outline and define your eyes with an eyeliner. Now, I am not asking you to avoid that step, but you could use gel eyeliner not just to define your eyes and your eyebrows, but also as a base for your eye shadow. Yes! Apply your gel liner on your eyelid and smear it with your fingers. Apply your eye shadow over this. It gives a better grip to the shadow and helps the makeup last longer.

6. Cream Eye shadows
No, wait. Powders are good. But if you want your eye shadow to be prim and proper for longer, your best bet is a cream-based eye shadow. Not only is it easier to apply and manage, but it also lasts way longer than your regular powder shadows do. However, if you still insist on using the powder ones, you could use the cream shadows as a base and apply the powder colors over it.

7. Wet Brush
When you talk about eye makeup smudging, water would sound like the worst idea possible. However, sorry to disappoint you, it isn’t actually the worst. In fact, if you want your eye shadow to last longer, spray some water on your makeup brush and then use it to apply your eye shadow. This helps the powder stick well to your lid, while the excess remains on the brush itself, preventing you from the unwanted sprinkles that end up giving you fake dark circles.
Thanks to these little tricks, you can now enlighten your friends on how to get long-lasting eye makeup. It’s not difficult, but just requires a few hacks that make makeup easier than eating a pizza!

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