5 important watch rules that every guy needs to follow

March 6, 2018 by Modellist-ID

5 important watch rules that every guy needs to follow

When it comes to style, the detail is what makes the outfit. When it comes to watches, it’s the same. There are 5 important watch rules that every guy needs to follow.

1. Should you wear your watch on your left or right hand?
Wondering what hand does a watch go on? If you are asking this question then you are not alone.  If you have never thought about it, well it’s an important question to ask. We also can’t tell you directly, sorry! Because it depends on you. In most cases, your watch should go on your nondominant hand, the opposite hand you write & play sports with. This is because you want to keep your watch as safe as possible, so placing it on the wrist which keeps out of trouble is a safe bet.

2. Match your watch to the occasion
Don’t match a cheap watch with an expensive suit.  And don’t wear a super expensive dress watch on a sailing trip or adventure weekend.  Not everyone can afford to have a huge collection of watches for every occasion, that’s fine.  As long as you have one classy, mechanical watch & one cheaper watch you don’t mind roughing up you’ll be fine.

3. Wear your watch before your wrist bone
This is for comfort more than anything.  It is very uncomfortable to wear a watch over your wrist bone or even after it.  We can’t believe some men manage to do this.  There is no need to be uncomfortable, make sure your watch is worn above your wrist bone.

4. Make sure your watch is the fit for your wrist
Don’t wear your watch too tight, it will cut off your blood circulation and be very uncomfortable.  Or, too loose, if the face is turning around underneath your wrist during the day it is likely to get scratched.  The recommended tightness is one index finger between your bracelet and your wrist.  If you can get one index finger in behind the strap then you are grand.

5. The face must fit your wrist
Last year there was a trend for oversized, giant watch faces. We are really happy that trend has gone.  Wearing a watch face too big for your wrist just makes your wrist look small and ladylike. No-one wants that. The recommended watch face size for the average wrist is 35 – 42 MM. There is also a really hand chart here.

Follow these watch wearing rules & you’ll be fine. Make sure you forward this post to anyone else who could use a few tips.


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