5 beauty hacks to survive the winter

January 22, 2018 by Melissa Blaauwendraad

Are your skin and body also struggling with the cold winter season? These 5 beauty hacks will do you good.

  1. Protect your skin a little extra
    This means, take good care of your whole body every day. The cold can make your skin very dry, so make sure to put on a facemask weekly to keep your skin clean and hydrated and don’t forget to put on a day- and night cream. And, are you someone who puts on crémes after you had a shower? Try to put it on before in the winter months. It attracts better in the skin because of the steam of the hot water. beauty skin care hair
  2. Safe your hair 
    Also, never go outside with wet hair when it freezes, it will break off or make your hair fluffy. Hair masks do wonders and make your hair strong and glowy.  hair beauty hacks health Romeo strijd
  3. Stay the best kisser
    For the lips, always use a lip balm for protection before you go outside. You’re probably are familiar with cracked and painful lips due to the cold. Buy a good one, it will definitely help.winter kiss model health beauty hacks
  4. Better be a little lighter than orange
    In the winter you most likely a tint lighter than in the summertime. Don’t forget to check if your foundation is still the best color on you. Sometimes it is better to choose a lighter color just in case.beauty model foundation mistake orange model
  5. The bikinis are waiting for you
    Make sure you work out in the winter and not just sit home and do nothing. In a few months, you want that cute bikini and a killer body to show on the beach. These are the months that will give you time to create that! model beauty hacks Doutzen Kroes

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