Beauty Guide on getting “the glow”

March 9, 2017 by Wilma Svirins

Wilma getting the glow beauty tips

Every Sunday (or most Sundays) I do my so called “beauty routine” (don’t laugh) which in short includes the following.

First, I taka a long intense shower in which I brush my teeth (I always brush my teeth in the shower lol), washing my whole body with THIS body wash and scrub my feet to make them soft and sweet.

Then I moisturize all my body with THIS organic (and vegan) lotion and apply THIS refreshing mask all over my face. I let the facial mask sit for about 1 hour then I wash it of and apply the same lotion I used on my body in my face too.

After this routine I feel SO FRESH and I believe (maybe it’s only a so called placebo effect) that I get a certain “glow” on my skin. I love that feeling and I recommend everyone to create your own peaceful beauty routine. It is important to take care of your self.

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