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July 8, 2016 by Mandy Glasbergen

If they say ‘it’s impossible’’, remember that it’s impossible for them, not for you! ♥ READ MORE...



I just opened my new Health and Beauty Salon:

‘’Purity Health and Beauty’’

It’s located at Dekker Zoetermeer:

I’m working as a Health Coach and EMS Bodytec Training.

So happy it’s finally happening☺.

Everybody is welcome!

My goal: helping everybody to a Happy & Healthy lifestyle with a good combination of sports & food!


Every week I’m going to the market and buy all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Try to eat fruit and vegetables from the season, it’s healthy and also cheaper!





KNAP Institute

— Cold laser & Cryo-T Spray —

This week I did this beauty threatment at KNAP Institute.

What a beautiful luxury beauty salon!

They have really everyting, all kinds of facials, but also full body threatments and laser.

Kimberly Veenstra was doing the threatment. She told me clearly what she was doing and where the treatment for is.

The cold laser was a really special feeling, you can compare it to a ski vacantion, when you’re going down in the mountains and the cold wind you feel on your face.

The beauty therapist showed me two sides from my face, and you really saw the difference! On my cheeks it was a little bit red, because of the make-up during shoots. And after the laser it looked more fresh and smooth. It’s a good combination with the the spray. It  will lift your face a bit.

This ‘’mini facelift’’ is perfect for me. You can do this before going to a party or special event!

Under my eyes I’m looking sometimes a little bit tired (even when I sleep 8hours), and after this threatment it looked more fresh.

Wendy van Dijk, Chantal Jansen & Vivian Reijs are also fan!

The funny thing is, KNAP Institute works with the products from

Pascaud Beauty Innovations.

And I was model for the new campaign 2016:


Price? €140 for 50 minutes, and a beautiful skin;)

For more information:


Here are a few pictures from my last work and shootings:




health health health health

This goodie bag I’ve got from Modellist-ID, thanks a lot!

Some favorite products  ♥

♥ If they say ‘it’s impossible’’, remember that it’s impossible for them, not for you!  ♥

I wish everybody a good weekend!

With lots of love,

Mandy Glasbergen

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